The United States is a nation of immigrants. Throughout U.S. history, immigrants have helped to build and define our nation as we know it. Becoming a citizen is an important decision, and allows you to have a full voice in how our country is governed. Eligible permanent residents must demonstrate commitment to the United States and loyalty to its Constitution in order to qualify for naturalization. Becoming a U.S. Citizen includes a plethora of responsibilities, but citizens are also afforded all the rights and privileges guaranteed in The Constitution and Bill of Rights, including voting in local and national elections.


U.S. Citizens are able to live and work in the U.S. without restriction. They may travel abroad for extended periods without losing their citizenship status. Citizens are also able to sponsor their spouses, children, and parents for permanent residence as immediate relatives. Citizens are also able to travel with a U.S. passport, serve on a jury, and apply for federal jobs, grants, and benefits.


At Indus Law Firm, we are proud to have helped so many eligible permanent residents become fully engaged citizens. We assist clients through the application process, Civics and English examination, interview, and oath. Immigrants are the backbone of this great nation, and we respect each client’s unique story. We pride ourselves in taking on complex cases so that every individual can achieve the American Dream. We are also advocates for citizenship outreach and provide advice and guidance to nonprofits and advocacy groups.


The path to U.S. citizenship is not without difficulties, but you can rest assured that we will be there to guide you through each step of your journey. 

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